Jose Maria College of Medicine Foundation


The Jose Maria College of Medicine Foundation prescribes the following Admission Requirements, to with:


 All students desiring to enroll in JMCMF must:

  • Be a holder of any baccalaureate degree, preferably from any health-related program.Have obtained an NMAT score of at least 40%Pass the panel interview by the Medical Students Admission Committee.Submit the following for evaluation (original and photocopy): Transcript of Records and Diploma General Weighted Average in College (GWAg) NMAT result Police and NBI clearances Recommendation letter from two reputable sources AND from the College Dean or Faculty member of his/her previous school.
  • NSO Birth Certificate  4 copies of 2×2 photo NSO Marriage Certificate   (for married individuals) Certifications of extracurricular activities (leadership/civic/volunteer work) and Professional licenses
  • Applicants whose courses are completely unrelated to medicine or health shall be required to take a bridging program in the subjects of Human Anatomy and Physiology the summer prior to the first semester of the freshmen year.6. Medical Report issued by the school physician that includes the  following laboratory examinations:
    • CBC, blood typing
    • Urinalysis
    • Fecalysis
    • Chest x-ray (PA view)
    • Anti-HBs Antibody titer
    • HBsAg
    • Neuro-psychiatric evaluation



The relative weight placed on the following factors is considered when applications are reviewed:

  • NMAT SCORE – 40% General Weighted Average in College (GWAg) – 30%Panel Interview Result – 20%Extracurricular Activities and Professional certificates – 10%National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) Result Transcript of Records and Diploma Certificate of General Weighted Average in CollegeCertificate of Good Moral Character and/or Recommendation Letter from Two (2) Reputable Sources.5. As part of the admission criteria, applicants are encouraged to submit the following:
    • – Certificate/s of Professional Licensure Examination
      – Certificate/s of Extracurricular Activities
      – Curriculum Vitae 


Once the admission of an applicant is confirmed by the Dean and the Admissions Committee, he or she may proceed to enroll and will need to submit the following documents in addition to his or her initial requirements:

  • NBI Clearance PSA Birth Certificate PSA Marriage Certificate (For Married Individuals)2 pcs 2×2 photo Medical Report issued by the school physician with the following laboratory examinations: 
    • – CBC, Blood Typing
    • – Urinalysis
    • – Fecalysis
    • – Chest X-Ray (PA view)
    • – Anti-HBs Antibody titer
    • – HBsAg
    • – Neuro-psychiatric Evaluation


JMCMF offers an Academic Scholarship to students with Latin Honors OR to those students who showed exemplary academic performance.
Applicants must submit a Scholarship Essay composed of 1000 words discussing why he or she deserves the scholarship grant and Annual Income Tax Return from the BIR.