Good day to all of you!

I am Dr. Dahlia S. Arancel, your Dean of the College of Medicine.
I welcome you all to School Year 2020-2021 to the youngest medical school in the Mindanao, the Jose Maria College of Medicine.
The freshmen among you have chosen JMCM for various reasons & the sophomores have stayed with us for this year to continue their studies for a medical degree.

I think that three of the most important reasons for you being with us now are your belief in the:
1. Institution;
2. Curriculum; and
3. Faculty.

The Jose Maria College is an educational institution that puts a premium on excellence in instruction that is designed to cultivate the academic & extra-curricular aspects of learning so as to prepare students to become tomorrow’s builders & leaders of society who are spiritually & morally upright in the sight of God & man.

The College of Medicine is following this lead with a vision that is strongly anchored on Universal Health Care & contributing to all sustainable developmental goals.

With a path to this vision clearly laid for us, we have constructed a curriculum that is responsive to these call of the times. Closely following the CHED’s CMO, we have a curriculum that is strongly rooted to cultivating knowledge of basic & clinical sciences while being integrative & applicable during all year levels & stages of medical education.

Our curriculum will certainly roll out & be sustained in their delivery with the presence of a group of medical professionals who are the best in their craft. Aside from their impeccable credentials & expertise, the members of the faculty of the College of Medicine have the vibrancy of youth & the firm dedication to impart learning to you, the next generation of physicians. Your current faculty is a strong combination of local, regional, national & international experts that can reach you through the wonders of technology.

Even this current pandemic cannot stop the JMC College of Medicine from giving you the best of what you deserve in medical education. We have prepared our platform for online classes with the strongest connectivity possible. If our situation shall improve in the next coming months, then hybrid, synchronous & asynchronous classes shall be inserted, as well.

My dear students, you have chosen the right institution for your career in medicine. And my dear faculty, you have chosen an institution to fullfill one of the tenets in the Oath of Hippocrates: that is to teach.

On behalf of the Founding President of Jose Maria College Reverend Executive Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy & his Board of Administrators, I welcome one & all of you to School Year 2020-2021!
Welcome to the Jose Maria College of Medicine!

Thank you.

Dahlia Salanio-Arancel, MD, MDM, DPBA, FPSA

Dean, Jose Maria College of Medicine
Formely, Section Head, Orthopedic Anesthesia, SPMC
Consultant, Department of Anesthesiology, SPMC
Board Member, Asia Oceanic Society of Regional Anesthesia