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About Jose Maria College of Medicine Foundation

Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Bearing in mind the vision of the Jose Maria College, the JMCM envisages itself as a recognized institution of excellence in medical education, molding population-based and globally competitive graduates, and realizing the right to the enjoyment of health by all.


In ensuring health by all, JMCM pursues excellent and world-class medical education and health research within a strengthened universal health care system. It commits to: 


  1. Provide an integrated, population-based, multi-disciplinary and student-centered medical education to produce socially responsible physicians;
  2. Build strong, sustainable, people-centered, and healthy communities within a strengthened health delivery system;
  3. Optimize the use of research to ensure evidence-based health policies, programs, and clinical decisions;
  4. Develop programs that are responsive to the health challenges of communities, including disaster risk reduction and management, occupational health, emerging and re-emerging communicable diseases, and non-communicable diseases;
  5. Serve as an advocate in strengthening health systems and improving universal health care; and
  6. Blaze the trail in developing world-class health educators and teaching innovation.


The following core values underpin and shape JMC’s plans for growth and development, and CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE.

JOSE MARIA stands for

            J USTICE

            O RDER

            S PIRITUALITY

            E MPOWERMENT

            M OTIVATION


            R ESPECT

            I NTEGRITY

            A CTION-ORIENTED

JUSTICE. Justice commits us to fairness and equal opportunities for all.

ORDER. Order compels us to promote teamwork, unity, accuracy, and prudence in all our endeavors; and to provide a learning environment where orderliness, peace, security, harmony, love, and compassion thrive.

SPIRITUALITY. Spirituality moves us to have faith in the Divine providence and be God-fearing in order to live a righteous life.

EMPOWERMENT. Empowerment reflects JMC’s commitment to excellence in research, teaching and public engagement, where everyone is valued and supported in achieving his/her full potential.

MOTIVATION. Motivation leads to discovery of knowledge, creativity, innovation and collaborative leadership that will effect positive change.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Accountability makes us value discipline and take responsibility for our own actions.

RESPECT. Respect echoes our aspiration to provide a healthy community and environment, and to treat others in a way that reflects JMC’s qualities and values.

INTEGRITY. Integrity compels us to uphold honesty in both academic and nonacademic pursuits; to be ethical in all our actions.

ACTION-ORIENTED. Being action-oriented ricochets JMC’s commitment to value efficiency and effectiveness by taking practical actions to accomplish tasks; and to develop in students and employees a result-driven attitude that will inspire others to become self-motivated individuals.

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